April 24, 2010

A solution for puzzle boxes

My children and there friends love to do puzzles but we have a problem with some of the boxes. Which I can not stand puzzle boxes that the kids have torn into. We have taped and taped and taped and I can't do it any more. Now you have to understand they are 2-5 year old opening boxes and yes some of the boxes are hard but please kids stop ruining the boxes.

So here's my solution.....take a sandwich size container and change it to this....

I decided to cut up the original box and use packing tape to attach the puzzle picture to the top of the box.
Then added the side picture to the inside of the container so I could see what puzzle it was on the shelf. Then since there was two puzzle pictures I added another picture on the inside of the container. Just in case....two kids where working on the puzzle and both needed to see the picture or possibly just in case if we lost the lid we still had the picture inside.
My kids really liked the idea. I'm curious how long they will last, hopefully no kids thinks to step on the container. Man I would be sad =(

Cost was the containers - they came in a 4 pack for $2.33 @ Wal-Mart, packing tape had on hand. Time to create 15-25 minutes (had children helping)

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