April 27, 2010

Gift or Treat Holders

Aren't they cute!
These happened to be for a soccer treat after the game. That's why the grass paper was used.Here's how to make these cute things. Paper cutter, paper, double sided tape, paper crimp per.Cut paper to desired size.
make cylinder and tape together
Place double sided tape on inside of edges, match up edges, and crease sides down.
Fill with desired treat. This treat was gummy army men, found at WinCo in the bulk section.
Using double sided tape, tape the second side. Now crimp both edges
If you want a flat look pouch crimp sides so the package will lay flat on the table.
If you want a triangle look crimp one edge and then turn the paper to create the triangle and tape and crimp the edge.
And there it is so cute and easy to make!

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