February 28, 2011

Wall Decor

Have you even check out Infarrantly Creative?? Well your missing so cool stuff. I was looking around the blog world and found this very creative and amazing wall decor....check out how to here

February 25, 2011

Cards for special events

This is my oldest baptism invitation. I wanted something other than the tradition card so I came up with idea from the help of a friend...Thanks Natalie.
This past weekend was another baptism. I took the idea from the first and changed it up a bit. I like the subway art so I used that on the front. (hope you can see it under the 8)

It's fun to create something for someone special and especially when you have one idea in mass production.

February 23, 2011

Old pants to new shorts

I am so tired of holes in jeans....fixing them with a regular sewing machine only holds for a while so why not change them to shorts but with a little flair.
Can't wait for summer to see my sweet little girl wearing them.

February 21, 2011

My Weight Management Program

I replied to a comment a few days ago and wanted to share my miracle stuff for losing the weight. It is called.......
B-Slim from JD Premium
It is an amazing product!

It has helped me not only lose the weight but has helped me better my self. I feel happier, more confident about myself and over all more joyful about life.

You can check them out on Facebook
If you want to know more post a comment and I will send you some information.

February 17, 2011

Under My Umbrella

I came across this very cute blog....
Under My Umbrella
I had to share some of the fun things I found. The link for each creative ides is below the picture.

Merry Christmas

Distressed Wood Finials Tutorial

Friends Inspire

Here are just a few of my favorite things I found and I still haven't gotten thru the whole blog. What a fun blog with amazing ideas......even I can create!

February 15, 2011

Giveaway from Our Best Bites.....

I have been getting emails from them for quite a while and they always have the most amazing recipes. Yummy, Yummy......They created a great cookbook and they are giving it away.......check out there site for the giveaway.

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

After each holiday I hit the stores, not just for a good deal but to stock up for the next year. This year I'm preparing for 2012 Valentine's Day....I always get enough Valentine's Cards for my children to exchange with there classmates and sometimes a sweet treat for them too. Well that's for them to eat now. Happy Valentine's Day to all!

February 13, 2011

Surprise for the little ones....shhh It's a surprise!

Back to the good old days of dating, well ideas that is but with a twist.....I normally don't do things for my children for all the little holiday but this year since we are not in our house (currently living with family) I want my kids to know they are loved. Take a look at what's going to happen..........

A Heart Attack!for my boys: game/bookfor my girls: note pad and pen
and a sweet little treat

Nothing to big and not to small for my sweet little ones.
Cost per bag $2-$3 (minus the book...I owed my oldest for something so his was a little more)

February 11, 2011

Sweet ideas for you and your someone special....

Creating Memories that will last....complete the following sentences individually in writing and then share your response with your spouse.
  1. The first time I saw you was
  2. On our first date we
  3. I was impressed with you because
  4. Our favorite dating activity during dating/courtship was
  5. A humorous experience from our fating/courtship was
  6. Our most romantic experience was
  7. Where and how did we become engaged
  8. I decided I wanted to marry you because
  9. During our engagement, the most difficult situations we overcame were
  10. My most pleasant memories of our wedding day were
  11. The best and worst features of our first apartment were
  12. At the birth of our first child I felt
  13. One of the funnest things we have done together is
  14. The most difficult experiences we have encountered & survived thus far are
  15. The things I like best about you are
  16. Something I'd like to so together with you this year is
  17. Something I'd like to do with you in the future (5-15 years) is

Have fun and enjoy! I'd love to hear some of the responses so post a comment.

February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day

Your probably asking what's trail mix got to do with Valentine's Day?Well, I have 4 children and making 4 gifts for teachers sometimes gets expensive. I wanted to come up with something easy. I was thinking a candy treat or flowers but then I thought maybe that's all the teachers get from their students. So I thought of a healthy snack instead and what a better way then to buy in bulk. So I came up with this....

1 cup of trail mix in a ziploc bag. I filled the decorative bag with red streamer or basket filler and then added the ziploc bag, tide up with curly string. I do still need to add the card but it's almost finished and days before valentines too.Cost: $10 for trail mix (only used half the bag so technically only half the cost $5)
the bags and filler I had on hand so free.

February 9, 2011

Life feels better and better....

It's only been a few weeks since my last post and I'm feeling so much better. The first part of January, the 5th to be exact I've lost 14 lbs. YEAH me!!! I am still working hard to keep myself motivated and positive about life. I have to keep reminding myself to look for the good in life and you will find happiness. Life sometimes goes by to fast for you to sit back and breath and well I have started my breathing again. I love my children!! Especially doing things with them and for them.....With love in the air and trying to come up with something for their teachers. I feel I want to CREATE again. So my mind has been working in the crafting mode again....YEAH!!! Wait for ideas to come soon.......I'm back!