February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day

Your probably asking what's trail mix got to do with Valentine's Day?Well, I have 4 children and making 4 gifts for teachers sometimes gets expensive. I wanted to come up with something easy. I was thinking a candy treat or flowers but then I thought maybe that's all the teachers get from their students. So I thought of a healthy snack instead and what a better way then to buy in bulk. So I came up with this....

1 cup of trail mix in a ziploc bag. I filled the decorative bag with red streamer or basket filler and then added the ziploc bag, tide up with curly string. I do still need to add the card but it's almost finished and days before valentines too.Cost: $10 for trail mix (only used half the bag so technically only half the cost $5)
the bags and filler I had on hand so free.

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