April 23, 2010

Discovered Style on a Recipe Box

I love my new Recipe Box

Check out the where I got the design idea at


When out on my adventure in blog world I came across this amazing blog Sisters Stuff,
http://www.sisterstuff.blogspot.com/ and when I saw their home page with the cute box I remembered I purchased that same box (at Robert's Craft in Utah) and haven't done anything with it yet. It had a ding in the corner but the paper covers it great.I heart ribbon! My girlfriend and I share ribbon all the time so next time you need something ask a friend.To bad the handle wouldn't stay up so I had to get creative to make it stay to take the picture. I took a paper clip & bent it to hold up the handle to take the picture.The tabs/dividers for inside the box.Do you recognize what I used to make the dividers?Old Manila folders!

So thanks to Sister Stuff for challenging me to get projects done. Here's my version of the Recipe box. The inside of the box is still a work in progress, the recipes I mean and they probably will be for the next year.

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