April 14, 2010

No Cost Decorating

I moved into my home 5 years ago and am just starting on decorating....you have to know my past history of moving every year to two years, so when we hit year 4 in the same place I thought okay it's time to decorate.

I've worked on my family room (which I think will always be a work in progress), toy closet, my bedroom, my girls room, and now the kids bathroom. I found a picture in a magazine many years ago of the bathroom wall only painted 2/3 the way up with a shelf. LOVED IT! While the kids where away I thought what a great time to do something fun for them plus not have little fingers in the paint too! ah ha yes!

I've been trying to be good about spend money and trying to look around the house before I shop. I hit the garage for our paint supply and this is what I came up with....

Left over paint from the toy closet. YELLOW AND BLUE make green, well aqua since that's what I was going for.(2 parts blue 1 part yellow). Do to the bathroom layout I couldn't do the shelf but remembered I had some chair rail that I'd been holding onto for 5 years. Oh, yes I forgot to mention when we moved in, it happened to be a new subdivision and you know what that means, Dumpster Diving!!! The chair rail was FREE.

No Cost, everything I had on hand

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