May 14, 2010

Game Night - Make it a Dalmuti Night!

Have you ever heard of The Great Dalmuti?

If you LOVE games and you haven't heard of this game you'll need to check this one out! It's a fun game to play with friends/family. I believe the game is for age 8 and up but so much more fun with adults! The Great Dalmuti is a unique, social trick-taking card game for 4 - 8 players. The objective of the game is to become the GREAT DALMUTI by getting rid of all your cards first. There are 80 cards in the deck from a Great Dalmuti going up to Peasants and 2 jesters (wild cards). The cards go as followed there are 1 #1 card - great dalmuti, 2 #2 cards of the Archbishop, and so forth up to 12 #12 cards of the peasant. When the game is started each person is in a position of rank, from great Dalmuti down to Peasant or peon. The game is played in rounds with the top person playing the first set of cards, which is there choice. example- 5 Peasants cards are played, therefore each person has to play 5 of the same cards (if it happens to be five #8 or five #7). Every time a person plays it either has to be the same card or smaller. If they can not play then they have to pass until a new round is started. Then the round continues until the lowest number on the card is played or everyone has passed until 1 person is left, then a new round is started.

If your up for a challenge check out The Great Dalmuti, check local game speciality stores or online, price around $10

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