May 31, 2010

Birthday Card Invites

Design by my 6 year old......Love it when they have an idea and want to create it.
I started with a square found the center of the paper folded opposite ends into the center of the square together. Then did the same thing with the other two ends to create an envelope. All the important party info was inside the envelope.
added a circle and a cute stamp to the center on the front.
My daughter is turning 6 this year and since this is her first year in school she gets a friend birthday party. My husband & I decided early on that we didn't want to give birthday parties every year since we have 4 children. So we decided that the kids get a party their first year in school, when they turn 8, and 12, and 16....worked out well so far. On the other birthdays we have a family party and they get to decided where/what to eat and we have a mini party but just family. WE LOVE IT!

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