May 9, 2010

How do you get your bread out of the pan?

Do you have a hard time getting your bread out of the loaf pan? I did until I came up with can use parchment paper or wax paper. Spray the pan as you would normally. Take the strip of parchment or wax paper and fold into thirds in the center of the paper making it small enough to fit in the pan. Lay the parchment/wax paper in the loaf pan and spray with Pam (or which ever you use), pour batter over the paper.When the bread is done let it cool as recipe would require then lift the paper handles up and pull the bread out. Sometimes you may need to take a knife on the area where the bread is touching the pan and separate it. And there you go.....easy!Plus clean up is nothing. Now go and try it the Discovered way!

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  1. Why have I never thought of this? Thanks for the idea!