May 26, 2010

Easy girls Tu-Tu Skirt - tutorial

Great for little girls birthday gift 3/4 inch elastic, measured waist of child, sew together. I sewed a little square.
Picked out cute ribbon to give the tu-tu a little more.Picked matching colors and cut the tulle into strips large 8 X (36 inches long) and small 8 x (24 inches long) Fold the tulle in half
Place the elastic on top of the folded tulle
Pull the edges of the tulle thru the loop on the tulle (notice the tulle on the top of my hand)
Pull tight to make a knot around the elasticrepeat. I made a pattern light pink, white, dark pink and added ribbon when I wanted more color (Same way I added the tulle. It was done at the same time) So FUN!
The little girl who got this skirt LOVED IT and wears it all the time.
Some trimming may need to be done based on the actual height of the little girl who gets the skirt, but she will surely love it!

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