May 4, 2010


I keep seeing these cute headbands , so I thought I could figure them out.

Picked up some plain headbands at the dollar store. found some ribbon around the house to make them. Remember when you use ribbon on a project that you burn the edges or the ribbon will fray.

Found the center of the ribbon and center of the headband and put dot of hot glue to hold down the ribbon. Starting on one side added glue dots all the the end of the headband repeated again on the other side. Folded in the edges for a finished look. Here are a few of the designsFor the ribbon flower I just folded the ribbon back and forth to create a flower.The gather look of the ribbon was accomplished by sewing the ribbon together.This ribbon was on a gift from a sweet friend. Thanks Jenn!For the rose flower detail, wrapped the ribbon around and around to desired look and used a needle and thread to keep it together.round flower look I took the ribbon and made a zig-zag back and forth, used needle and thread to attach the edges together and sew to the flower look I wanted. My girls LOVE them! Something special just because and it was easy and fast to create. The only time was trying to decided the ribbon and which pattern/design I wanted to do.

Cost to make $1 - Headband $1 and had ribbon on hand. So fun and so easy! 5-15 minutes to make. It all came down to the ribbon choices and the design.

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