June 10, 2010

Easy Father's Day gift for kids to make!

Corner Page Bookmarks

Take a strip of paper. I used different sized both in width and length, but make sure the paper is not to long so the book will not close. At the top of the paper find the center, mark with pen dot or small fold. Then fold edges down to make a triangle. Use the center mark to help you make the triangle. (this will be how the bookmark will stay on the pages in the book) With another piece of paper make a slightly smaller triangle and glue to back of folded triangle to support the corner. Decorate front/back of bookmark to your desire.

Really easy to due. I used scrap papers that I've saved from other projects.
Check out how I organized those papers HERE.

Cost: FREE to make ~ Time to make: 10-15 minutes or less if you know what you want to do before you start!

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  1. What a fun idea to make with the kiddos! Thanks so much for sharing...and linkin' up on my I {heart} dad link!! :)