June 3, 2010

Cart Caddy plus more....tutorial

I forgot to take picture while I was making it so I drew steps.
What you need:
2 - 18 x 18 inch squares of fabric. Your choice if you want the same or different.

1 pkg of binding (which matches fabric)

2 buttons

1- 18 x 18 inch square of interfacing

I decided to shop the quilters sections since they already have 18 x 18 squares already cut. It was a little bit more expensive but I happened to hit a sales day so it didn't cost me very much.

  • Start with 1 - 18 x 18 square adhered the interfacing to the back side. (this will make the fabric a little stronger)
  • Pin both fabrics together right side facing out
  • At the top of the fabric measure 3 inches in from each sides and marked it (this will create the handles)
  • At the spot you just marked (3 inches in) go down into the fabric 7 inches on both sides.
  • Cut across to the other side, this will cut out a 12 x 7 inch rectangle (hold on to and check out the bottom of the posting to see what I did with it.)
  • Add a strip of binding to the bottom to the fabric, pin and sew to fabric.
  • Where you just added the binding fold bottom of fabric up 4 1/2 inches, it will create a large pocket.
  • from the left side mark over 7 1/2 inches to create two pockets.
  • at that marked spot stitch up to create the pockets. Start at bottom a stitch up to binding (top of pocket) but don't go onto or over the binding, doesn't turn out so cute. NOTE: If you want to change the size of the pocket or add more it's up to you. I made my based on the size of my coupon pouch organizer and the other side will be used for my list/coupons that I've used that trip to hand over at the register.
  • Add binding around the unfinished edges. Pin and sew to unfinished fabric.
You are almost done.... YEAH! Create handles to attach to shopping cart.
  • Fold down the top edges and match edges with center binding
  • mark where to place buttons on each handle
  • create button hole to accommodate the size of your buttons on each handle
  • sew buttons on NOTE: if you are not handy with the button hole on your machine you can add velcro instead.
I made this cute little purse with the leftover fabric (remember the 12 x 7 inch rectangle that was cut out of the top...well here it is! Also used the leftover binding too.
I think I'm going to use this for the odd coupons - hair cutting places, fast food, etc. I like to keep those types of coupons separate from the grocery store coupons.

Cost: less than $7 - 18 x 18 squares $1.39 on sale, binding $2, interfacing $1 (already had the buttons)
Time to make: 2-3 hours (time interrupted by kids, often)

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  1. I'm goig to use this pattern to use on my stroller. Thank you