March 25, 2010

Earth Day

The 40th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd
What a fun time to challenge everyone to make this world a better place! It's easy...start at home, then move to school, and onto your community.

8 Things You Can Do With Your Children:

1. Teach your children what things can be recycled, Seperate trash and recycle for weekly pick up ~ Paper, Plastic, Glass, etc.
2. Put two trash cans in your bathrooms and other rooms in your home. Mark one Recycle and the other trash.
3. Recycle batteries, plastic bags, and ink cartridges at school. Find local recycle centers near you if your school doesn't recycle all of the items.
4. Print on old school papers ~ so many papers come home from school with only one side used. Print on the other side, ex: coupons, coloring pages, etc
5. Turn off lights and electrionics when they are done being used.
6. Plant a garden - what a fun time to get the kids ready for summer and to see things grow. If you are not able to grow a garden buy local grown food. Visit local farmer's market.
7. Compost your food waste. (1 box) Purchase a composter and compost your food scraps and green waste.
8. Use Lunch boxes or reusable bags for child's lunch or consider making or purchasing sandwich or snack baggies.

With changes we make now, the Earth will be a better place for our kids.

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